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The choice to live off campus is sometimes difficult, but we want you to know that Lakeside Commons is devoted to providing your future graduate with all of the social enrichment, support and security that they need for success. We don’t just provide safe, elegant off-campus living – our management staff is commited to providing for a healthy and productive community at Lakeside Commons. Here are a few common conversation topics for our management:

Individual Leasing – What’s the Deal?

Here at Lakeside Commons, we write leases by the bed, which means each roommate signs their own individual lease, and are responsible for their own rent. The resident is not responsible for their roommate’s rent.

When is Rent Due? Semesterly? Monthly?

Great questions! Rent is due in 12 installments, at the first of every month, throughout the term of the lease.

How Long are Leases?

The Lease runs from August 15th, until July 31st.  If you, as a resident, would like to renew your lease for the following academic year, you will not be required to move out for the 14 day turn period. You can keep your stuff exactly where it is.

Sounds Good So Far. Is There a Security Deposit?

We do not have a security deposit. We do have a “Lease Protect” fee ranging from $125.00-$375.00 depending on how you qualify. It is a one-time non-refundable fee.

Can I Sublet my Unit?

We allow residents to relet their unit, rather than sublet. In a relet, the resident finds a new tenant to take over the remainder of their lease. The new tenant must be approved by the Landlord. Once all the required paperwork is complete and the relet fee has been paid, the resident’s lease will be terminated and they will no longer be responsible for any future rent installments.

I Broke Something (Sorry). How Do I Submit a Maintenance Request?

Any of our residents can submit a maintenance request through our online Resident Portal, at any time of day or night. We offer a same-day maintenance guarantee: any service request received before noon will be serviced by a member of our maintenance team the same day, provided we have the necessary parts in-stock.

Is Lakeside Commons Supervised?

Yes, indeed! Lakeside Commons has professional, on-site office staff and maintenance staff, that are on-call 24/7 in the unlikely event of an emergency. There are also student staff members that live in the community. During weekend nights, professional courtesy officers patrol the property.

To reach any of our team members, please call the office phone number, which is monitored 24/7. In addition to our top-notch management team, the community is equipped with surveillance cameras, electronic door locks, as well as a fire alarm and sprinkler system.

Renter’s Insurance – Am I Required to Have This?

We do require that all residents obtain a renter’s insurance policy for the duration of their lease agreement. A renter’s insurance policy doesn’t just cover the loss of your personal property, but it also protects you from personal liability. For example, if you place a hot iron on the floor and accidentally burn the carpet (🤦‍♂️), most renter’s insurance policies would cover the cost of replacing the carpet (phew!) Renter’s insurance is a relatively inexpensive way of covering your personal property and providing peace of mind, at $5–20 per month, depending on the insurance provider.

If you have a pet (🐶), we recommend talking with your insurance agent to give you a policy that factors in potential damage caused by pets. We know they’re all good pets, but accidents happen!

Any resident that does no maintain a renter’s insurance policy will automatically be enrolled onto a master policy and billed accordingly.

Can I Use My Financial Aid to Pay Rent?

Definitely! If you receive financial aid, please set up a time to talk with our management office to complete a financial aid addendum. You’ll be asked to provide a copy of your financial aid award letter. Financial aid addendum forms need to be completed prior to each academic semester.

Are Utilities Included Too?

Electricity, gas, water usage, high speed internet and satellite TV services are all included in your rent. Residents are responsible for their own subscription services, like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now…etc. (but you probably knew that already).

Do Apartments Come Furnished?

You bet! Each apartment is furnished with bedroom, living room and dining room furniture. Bedrooms feature a desk, desk chair, dressers and an extra-large, full-size bed.

Living areas include an entertainment stand, coffee table, end table, sofa, counter stools, and in select units – an arm chair.

All kitchen appliances, such as refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, oven range and garbage disposal, are included in every unit.

Each townhouse also features a full-size washer and dryer. Linens, shower curtains, decorations and cleaning supplies are not included in your townhouse rental. We suggest communicating with your roommate to discuss who is responsible for brining the different items that are not supplied in your rent.

Is There Really a Monster in Glimmerglass?

Yep. There are at least 3-4 credible Instagram posts out there that prove it.

What Sorts of Community Events Happen at Lakeside Commons?

The management team works to provide unique community events for the residents of Lakeside Commons. Monthly community gatherings like BBQs in the courtyard, or movie marathons in the Clubhouse lounge are a regular occurrence. To stay up to date with what’s happening at Lakeside Commons, follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts 🙌 !

We’re Looking for Roommates – Can You Help?

Not a problem! We offer a customized roommate matching service to pair up residents with the best possible roommates. We take considerations like study habits, areas of study, lifestyle…etc., into account through a questionnaire during the application process. We’ve successfully matched many roommates who are very happy with their living situation, and end up becoming lifelong friends🙏! If you find your own roommate after the matching process, we will work with you to update your room assignment.

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