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Experience Life at Lakeside Commons

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Learn more about what it’s like to live at Lakeside Commons! View the video below to see what some of our residents and parents have to say about living first class, next to class.

  • "Lakeside has given me a luxurious place to live while being in college. It allows me to be independent while remaining a part of a great community. The apartments exceed expectations and overall it has been a great experience thus far."

    Mackenzie T.
  • "Great living community. Lakeside commons and it’s staff especially maintenance are great. They are quick to solve any problems you may have and are always willing to offer help."

    Jennifer O.
  • "I have found my experience here to be enjoyable. There are many wonderful assets available to us such as the gym and the shuttle service which has really been invaluable this winter."

    Joseph R.
  • "I love the kitchens and the bathrooms. Very nice and clean. I like that they allow pets in the facilities too. The commons are very nice overall."

    Kevin B.
  • "Lakeside commons is one of a kind, especially for the City of Oswego! Kind & Friendly Staff! Accomdations and luxury are an understatement here at Lakeside!"

    Megan R.
  • "Lakeside commons gives a feeling of being at home. My residence experience here at is one like I’ve never experienced. When I left from home to go live on campus in dorms, it never gave me the feeling of comfort, safety, and the feeling of being stress free. But here, I have all three things! Comfort in my own personal bedroom & bathroom! Safety in having a community where we the students are independent with a touch of safety back up if ever in need. & last but not least, not being stressed about asking for rides to or from class, Walmart, and even downtown because we are provided with a safe shuttle bus that has a great and on-time schedule. These are my three favorite things about lakeside commons and I hope it is or will be everyone’s too!"

    Stephanie A.
  • "Lakeside Commons is an amazing place to live when compared to the other options around Oswego, and after living there for a semester I have no regrets!"

    Morgan T.
  • "I love all of the amenities. The homes are equip with the best furniture and appliances. The shuttle is incredibly convenient as well. I love the Commons."

    Elizabeth H.

Did we mention this place is on the water?

Sunsets and magnificent views.

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